Rudy Baer

Rudy Baer

Founder & CTO

I did not really plan to go international so fast, so please excuse us for not having an English website yet. We are working on it right now. However, we still wish to share our expertise regarding web applications or any IT projects.

From idea to production …

You are carrying an innovative digital project, but you don’t know where to start ? No panic, BearStudio is there for you !

A digital development studio

BearStudio accompanies project holders in their digital development, with assistance from a team and/or a CTO.

BearStudio is composed of Front-End and Back-End developers in addition to UI/UX designers. We help project leaders carry out their digital endeavors by bringing the technical skills they may lack. Whether you are a startup or an innovating company, our team can join you at any point in your projetc's development to help you move forward.

From idea to production, we can design the digital mock-ups, to define a technical scope. We can then move on to the development of the product, based upon those. We can also join in on an ongoing project and take it upon ourselves to complete any unfinished endeavor, or participate in developing some new features.

Please tell us your problem !

If you're looking for any particular skill, we certainly have it!

Our experience

We are the main organisators of Codeurs en Seine which is a regular developers meeting for which some of our speakers give conferences all around the world. Our experts are also known as contributors to open-source projects like Jhipster or Formiz for instance.


Check out what we can do !

Front-end dev

Do you need help with designing your UI ?? We provide support in React, Vue, Angular and React Native to carry out your project. When your mockups are ready, let us take care of the integration of the elements that will bring your project to life.

React VueJS Angular
Figma Sketch Adobe XD

UI/UX Design

We offer services to help you build a project fully adapted to your users’ needs : graphic charter, moodboard, digital mockups, wireframes and UX audits. Our premium service goes hand in hand with our french touch : in a word, quality !

Back-end Dev

Your project requires development on the Back-end ? Get in touch with us and enjoy the expertise of our developers in Java, NodeJS and Firebase to create your API

Java Node Php
Kubernetes Docker AWS

Dev Ops

We can deploy your project to the Cloud Provider that is the most adapted to your needs, because we have experienced multiple. Most of the projects we have developed are deployed in the Cloud and tested through CI / CD pipelines, usually using GitLab. We can also develop fully serverless applications. Last but not least, we master Docker and Kubernetes !

Free mini audit UX

Do you require an external outlook on your product ? Our team provides technical and ergonomic audits to better your project to the utmost. We custom our offer according to your needs and budget in order to efficiently step your product forward. This is a good way if you want to start working with us

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